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Imagine the excitement on your child’s face upon receiving a Personalized Santa Letter! We can personalize the letter with details specific to your child including: your child’s name, gender, hometown, present gift.
We have this FREE letter if you want Santa to write to your child. Just fill out the form, and we will email the finished PDF file back to you – ready to print.

By using this FREE service, you are accepting your email can be including in our newsletter.

Make a donation for the service

  • Your first and lastname, will NOT be used in the customized PDF letter.
  • The email address where the customized PDF letter wil be sent to.
  • Kids firstname, will be used to customize the letter.
  • Kids gender, will be used to customize the letter.
  • Kids wish, will be used to customize the letter. One or max. two wishes.
  • Kids town, will be used to customize the letter.
Do you print out the letter and mail it to me?
No, you are provided with a PDF file that you can save and print the letter on your own printer.
What if the letter is blank when I open it?
This is very common problem if you are using an older version of Adobe Reader. Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader.
What if I don't receive my Letter from Santa Claus email?
Often the download email will end up in Spam or Junk mail folders. All emails with a correct address are automatically and correctly emailed by our system. Because of the massive volume of free letters that are created each day, we are unable to manually resend your letters or offer support for this problem. The only reason you wouldn’t receive the download email is if you entered an incorrect email address, so be sure to double check your email.