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It is Santa’s policy to not only respect and protect the safety and privacy of visitors to, but, when able and appropriate, to take action to safeguard their well-being.

Santa would like parents (& kidlets too!) to know that no personal information from the site is sold or otherwise provided to anyone else with one key privacy exception. As a safety measure, the information requested in children’s letters to Santa is kept to the minimum that Santa needs to check against his “Letter from Santa” and “Call from Santa” and to give a reasonably intelligent, personal response. For example, there is no “registration” process. Street addresses are *not* requested and, indeed, are actively discouraged. Including an email address is completely optional. As well, Santa strongly recommends that kids check with an adult first before giving out *any* information on *any* website, including

To receive a “Letter from Santa”, the following fields must be completed by visitors: first name, gender, city, and Christmas wishes.

All servers on the Internet, including’s, receive information about visitors. Specifically, server log files contain the following fields: Host (visitors’ IP address), Identification (normally a hyphen), Authentication (again, normally a hyphen), Time Stamp (when a file was accessed), HTTP Request (name of the file requested), Status Code (whether the file was transferred correctly), Transfer Volume (number of data bytes actually transferred), Referrer (page from which the user clicked), and Agent (name and version of the visitor’s browser). The elves use software to aggregate and analyze this information to maintain and improve the site. No personal information is used in this process. Also, “cookies” are *not* used in the website — mainly because Santa would just end up eating them anyway (*wink*).

Santa may not (and does not) require a child to disclose more information than is reasonably necessary to participate in an activity as a condition of participation.

Any questions, comments or concerns about this privacy policy or the site may be sent by email to the Master Elf Miki or to:
Ulrik Motzfeldt-Skovgaard
Sarsuatsiivinnguup Qulaa 40
3911 Sisimiut

PLEASE NOTE: Christmas wish lists cannot be forwarded to Santa for reply from this address.